Funkie is a fresh start-up that’s based on the Keilewerf, a creative nest in the old Rotterdam city harbor.


Funkie builds mobile food solutions (food trucks) and creative solutions for house, restaurant and festival decoration (furniture).


Funkie converts rough old vans to food trucks and builds fancy bars in old ragged shipping containers. If it needs to be fresh, we want to build it.


Funkie likes to be involved in your project from start to finish. We will guide you to the best mobile solution and advise you on how to care for your end product.

Ons werkprocces

Do you have an amazing dish for this summer’s festivals? Are you sick of people passing by your products at business events? Then it might be time to tell Funkie!

Visit the Keilewerf to get a good impression of what a man’s hands can create. Effort combined with wood and time have made this place a creative breeding ground for young entrepreneurs. During our appointment or Skype session we try to combine our ideas and mold them into a product that will make you smile.

After our meeting we summarize your wishes and give you an indication of what the building of your end product would cost. If we are on the same page, we start calculating to give you an exact offer and a visualization of the end product.

When we make the offer, we make a full calculation. We calculate both material costs and the labour hours. To rule out any misunderstandings, we visualize your product so that you will know exactly what you will receive and we know exactly what to build.

After signing the offer, we role up our sleeves and get down to work. We will try our best to deliver a good project, within the set time schedule and budget. Building inspires and this is why some of the best ideas (and worst problems) pop-up during the build. We try to be in open communication during the process to get the best results. We also appreciate an extra week at the end to run some tests and make sure your product functions as it was designed.

Large projects usually have large manuals. We try to build simple solutions that make sense, so even a child can do the laundry! (Old Dutch phrase). But even for plug- and-play systems a little guidance is nice. We can give training on the spot, write manuals or upload a digital movie manual. If any questions arise after delivery, please inform us!

het werkproces van FUNKIE

Opzoek naar inspiratie?

The squad

Joost Goedendorp

Alex Schoneveld

Ben Jorgens

Tom Vincentie

At the moment

At the moment we are building our own office. We are converting an old shipping container to function as a modern office. This office will contain four flexible working spots, and should become a place where people from outside can join to work.


Food truck Mona

Woodstone Roadshow


For rent

Studio Linda Franse (Campina)

SLF Port of Rotterdam Container

Visit 'De Keilewerf'

‘De Keilewerf is the creative breeding ground of Rotterdam. A bunch of young entrepreneurs that specialize in different crafts, working under the same roof is what makes the ‘De Keilewerf a lively and inspiring place to visit.